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"Of all the things that I have been affiliated with in recent times, this is really a first rate program and really is one of the best"

Todd Rothenhaus MD, CMIO, athenahealth
"Thanks for a very rich conference. I was glad to connect with thought leaders in health care IT from provider organizations, IT companies, pharma and health plans. For me, this conference is valuable because I get to hear new ideas from a handful of leaders from different sectors who are driving innovation in healthcare IT. Thanks again for a very powerful conference."

Thomas Check, CIO, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

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What Cloud-based Services Can Do for Your Medical Practice

Institute for Health Technology Transformation

Amcom Software

Eight Reasons SMS Is Unacceptable for Critical Hospital Communications
Mobile Healthcare Today

Special Digital Issue on Health 2.0 Fall Conference
Mobile Healthcare Today Solution Center

Mobile Healthcare Today Solution Center

Mobile Healthcare Today Report

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Federal Health Information Technology Strategic Plan

The Future of Interoperability: Emerging NoSQLs Save Time, Increase Efficiency, Optimize Business Processes, and Maximize Database Value

Striking a Balance: The Conflict and Contradiction between Patient Privacy and Information Accessibility For Achieving Improved Patient Care and Cost Efficiencies

Building A Solid Base: A Solution Model for a Multi-Community Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Meaningful Use: Successful Deployment of EHRs within a Community Setting

Health Information at Risk: Successful Strategies for Healthcare Security and Privacy

Disease Outbreak Stopped Dead by Connected Community

Removable Media Security for Healthcare Organizations
eHealth Initiative

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  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Payments for Eligible Professionals

Medicaid Hospital Incentive Payments Calculations

Medicare Electronic Health Record Incentive Payments for Eligible Professionals

EHR Incentive Program Tip Sheet for Critical Access Hospitals

EHR Incentive Program Tip Sheet for Medicare Hospitals

eHealth Initiative

The State of Health Information Exchange in 2010: Connecting the Nation to Achieve Meaningful Use
Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Integrating Comprehensive
Medication Management to Optimize Patient Outcomes
  Coppersmith Schermer & Brockelman PLC

The Proposed HITECH Implications for the Research Community

Telehealth Unites the Healthcare Ecosystem Delivering Quality Care to Broader Patient Populations
Mayo Clinic/Cardinal Health GLN Implementation

Improving Patient Safety and Supply Chain Efficiency with GS1 Standards

Ready or not On the road to the meaningful use of EHRs and health IT
Dss Inc

A Proactive Approach to Automating Clinical Data Management in Mental Health Settings for Improved Outcomes and Patient Care

Optimizing the Healthcare Data Center through Operational Efficiency and Data Resilience

Server Availability Trends In The Time Of Electronic Health Records
Thomson Reuters

A Path to Eliminating $3.6 Trillion in Wasteful Healthcare Spending
Learn more by visiting
The Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center
The Crossroads of Telehealth, Electronic Health Records & Health Information Exchange: Planning for Rural Communities
CliniComp, Intl.
7 Components for Critical Care Automation
Virtual Information Exchange
Honeywell HomMed
Telehealth for Chronic Care Management

Endpoint Data Protection — A Top Concern for Healthcare Providers

PA eHealth Initiative
Ensuring Privacy and Security of Health Information Exchange in Pennsylvania
The new science of personalized medicine:Translating the promise into practice
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Consumer Engagement in Dev Health Information Systems

Persystent: Community Memorial Hospital
Managing Day to Day Help Desk Requests
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

EHR Usability


High-Acuity Care Case Study


The Nord Center Case Study

WhiteGlove House Call Health

Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

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