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"Of all the things that I  have been affiliated with in  recent times, this is really a  first rate program and really  is one of the best"

  Todd Rothenhaus MD, CMIO, athenahealth

"Thank you for all your  hospitality and inviting me  to participate in the  excellent summit. It was  extremely informative,  timely  and exactly what I  needed. It was the right size  to allow networking and real  time with each vendor to see  what niche they could help  me in."

 Christopher W.  Jackson, DO,  PhD, MBA,  FACEP, FACOEP,   Certified  Physician  Informaticist,  Residency Trained Board  Certifed  Emergency  Physician, Center  for Medical Informatics  Sisters of Mercy Health  System


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Speaking submissions are currently open for the iHT2 CMIO in New York City taking place September 19-20, 2012 in New York City, NY. However, speaking submissions are currently open for our Health IT Summits.

We're inviting the most accomplished providers, payers, policy makers, and customers from the healthcare and medical industries to share their expertise with a high-level audience of executives eager to launch or expand their own technology initiatives. We're seeking session proposals that describe real world experiences, discuss trends and issues in-depth, describe up-to-date research and development, or outline best practices for making Health Information Technology solutions an integral part of a successful strategy. All sessions will be highly interactive, and speakers should offer presentations designed to engage attendees.

Among who are considered, are those who can appear to present case studies or the client point of view will be given top priority. It is also possible that proposed sessions may be channeled into a panel format to provide several perspectives.

To insure integrity of the conference for attendees, we caution that these sessions are not to be "sales pitches" and should focus on solutions that are independent of specific vendors and brands. We have a faculty committee comprised of industry professionals that review these submissions.

The conference curriculum overview lists many topic areas that we believe will be of maximum interest to the audience in attendance. However, we are open to other ideas that will engage the immediate interest of the executives attending the conferences. While the listed topics are a starting point for the industry's discussion about the trends in entertainment technology, compelling variations on these topics and other new topics are also welcome.

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